On behalf of The Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, PC posted in Child Support on Wednesday, August 14, 2013.

Dallas parents will see changes in child support guidelines beginning on September 1st.  The new guidelines would now ask that 20 percent of every $8,550 brought in go towards child support.  This would add up to $1,710, which would amount to an increase of $210.

The changes are made in hopes that child support payments will keep up with inflation.  Parents receiving child support hope that this increase could contribute to groceries, health insurance premiums, clothing and school supplies for the child.

There is a couple of things that Texas parents must keep in mind concerning such an increase, however.  For one, this increase is not automatic.  The parent seeking additional child support will still need to receive a court order before the increase would be granted.  This would likely entail retaining an attorney to make the argument to the judge why such an increase is needed.

Secondly, changes in guidelines can at times come with unintended consequences.  Since so many non-custodial parents are already behind in making child support payments, these same parents willingness to help out their child may decrease even more.  It is often difficult for custodial parents to collect on child support, and these individuals often require the services of an attorney who understands the best methods for garnishing wages, placing liens on property and otherwise collecting upon a judgment.

Child support has also been meant to help provide for the needs of the child.  Whatever the guidelines may suggest, certain children may require more in child support payments than others.  We need to keep the idea of fairness to the child in mind when child support disputes arise.

Source: MyFoxDFW.com, “Change allows for higher child support payments,” Melissa Cutler, July 18, 2013