On behalf of The Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, PC posted in Divorce on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

Texas couples understand that a marriage often works best when the couple works together. The same is true in the dissolution of the union. Soon-to-be ex-spouses need to come to terms in order to develop a successful divorce agreement, although there is room in the future for modification of the agreement as the need arises. Getting a divorce can be lengthy, tedious and emotional, but it is important that the divorce is handled with care in order to avoid additional disputes and further expenses.

A recent report indicated that couples seeking a divorce should consider the collaborative approach. This method seeks to have the separating couple work together in order to avoid the negativity and disputes. This process seeks to give each spouse equal decision-making power and provides a strong platform for amicable divorces.

Furthermore, if the couple has children, this could be a better option because it could cause less harm for the children and the parents can openly express their concerns when developing a parenting plan. The best interest of the child can better be served when discussing child custody and support as a team, rather than as two competing individuals.

A major reason to consider the collaborative method or an alternative method such as mediation would be to lower the costs associated with the divorce process. When the divorcing couple decides to go with one of these methods, they will often choose these routes because they seek to work together. This ultimately leads to less attorney involvement and agreements that are reached more quickly and that will last or will be amicably modified in the future.

Moreover, because they are working together, there are likely to be fewer disputes, which creates less tension and hardship in the long run. Finally, since the method reduces disputes and speeds up the process, the costs associated with the divorce are therefore reduced.

Couples that are seeking dissolution but are not sure what process to undergo should first seek independent guidance. Every situation is different and every divorcing couple has different goals. It is important to understand each person’s situation and realistic options when choosing the appropriate divorce process.

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