Establishing a child’s paternity has an effect not just on the father and child, but on everyone who helps raise the child. The implications of paternity cover the spectrum of emotional, financial and legal issues.
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In Texas, children born during a marriage are considered the husband’s children. If either parent believes that the husband is not the biological father, paternity needs to be determined, before a divorce decree is rendered ordering that man as the father.

For unmarried parents, establishing or challenging paternity should occur preferably before the child turns 4 years old. It is important for unmarried fathers to be legally recognized as the child’s father. Their rights to child custody and visitation cannot begin until paternity is established. Paternity is also important because it gives the child access to child support and other benefits such as health care and inheritance rights.

A paternity action can be filed by either the mother or the alleged father. DNA testing is used to prove or disprove paternity. If you have been wrongly named as the father, you can file a paternity suit to prove that you are not the biological father.

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The days of child rearing as the sole responsibility of the mother are behind us. Today, many fathers participate in raising their children and fight to obtain their parental rights if they are not recognized as the child’s legal father. An experienced fathers’ rights lawyer can help you pursue your rights to your child.

If you are seeking fathers’ rights, contact the Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, P.C. As a board certified family law attorney, Mary Ann Beaty has the knowledge and experience you need to establish your rights to your child. Please call our office at 214-350-5530 to schedule an appointment with a Dallas fathers’ rights attorney today.

Unmarried fathers have the right to file a paternity action and be legally recognized as a child’s father. If they are already paying child support, they can file a suit to enforce visitation. In addition, they can file for primary custody if they believe the mother to be unfit.

Once a man is legally named as the father, he has the same rights as the mother. The Texas constitution guarantees equal rights for men and women, and the court cannot show an automatic preference for mothers over fathers.

Unfortunately, parents sometimes do not realize that they must prove to the court that they deserve parental rights. To be treated fairly by the court, being a good father (or mother) is important. This may include making court ordered child support payments, adhering to custody and visitation schedules, participating in the child’s life and maintaining a healthy environment for the child. The Texas Family Code emphasizes the orders must always be in the best interest of the child.

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