People underestimate the importance of how a will or trust can protect their financial and personal decisions. Young families, in particular, need to consider the ramifications of failing to plan for the unexpected. Wills and trusts protect your family upon your death or incapacitation. Contact the Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, P.C., in Dallas, Texas, to learn how you can protect your decisions.

For 40 years, our firm has assisted families in making these important decisions. We will assist you in reviewing the validity of wills and trusts drafted in another state, or created years ago. These documents serve to expedite the process of probate. Wills and trusts protect the decisions you make now from confusion in the future.

Wills and trusts make the process of settling the affairs of your estate easier. A last will and testament instructs the court about how to dispose of your property upon your death. These documents can also name who will inherit the assets of your estate. Trusts control the ownership of your property by transferring title to a trustee. This protects against property disputes between family members. As an experienced lawyer, Mary Ann Beaty will draft wills and create trusts that protect your financial decisions.

You must consider drafting documents that define clearly the decisions you make concerning your healthcare. You must make decisions about funeral arrangements, life saving treatments, and end of life procedures before it is too late. Family members should not have to make these decisions for you, at the same time as they deal with their own grief. We can draft a durable power attorney for healthcare and a directive to physicians (sometimes called a living will) to reflect your choices.

Legal documents will make sure people understand the choices you make about your estate and healthcare. These documents also expedite the settling of your estate during probate. Having such plans means that your family does not have to make these decisions for you.

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