A divorce marks a major change in your life. Most spouses going through a divorce anxiously await the resolution of contentious disputes. At the Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, P.C., located in Dallas, Texas, our experienced divorce attorneys help families prepare for the decisions following a divorce. Our firm will guide you through what can be a complicated journey.

For 40 years, attorney Mary Ann Beaty has helped people resolve their divorce issues. To speak to an experienced legal team about a contested or uncontested divorce, contact us for an initial consultation.

Whether dealing with a complex or simple marital dispute, rest assured that we would protect your interests. Under Texas law, many courts require spouses go through mediation before litigating issues in a divorce. We have had success resolving marital disputes through mediation. When mediation fails, we are equally experienced in preparing a case for trial and presenting a divorce and the issues to a judge for final resolution. We also can help clients understand the collaborative law process and how it may be beneficial to their individual situation.

The job of an experienced divorce lawyer is to listen to your concerns and assist you in the resolution of issues concerning:

  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Division of community property
  • Alimony / Spousal support
  • Modification and enforcement
  • Legal separation

Our Dallas-based firm will aid you throughout the divorce process, in identifying your needs and available resources. We will not make the decisions for you, but we will give you the tools to make informed decisions for yourself.

One of the best ways to protect yourself during a divorce is to understand fully your rights. Contact the Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, P.C. to speak to an experienced attorney about your divorce. We represent people in the Dallas-Ft Worth (DFW) Metroplex and throughout North Texas.

No one hopes that divorce will be the outcome of a marriage, even when difficulties arise in the marriage, but sometimes it is the answer. If you believe that your marriage is in trouble, you may want to learn about your options before making a final decision about divorcing.

The Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, P.C., provides experienced divorce representation to people throughout North Texas. We understand that this is a difficult decision that requires a lot of thought and planning. That is why we offer divorce planning services. To discuss your situation with a Dallas divorce planning attorney, please call 214-350-5530 or contact us online.

There is no question that the decision to divorce is an emotional one. However, there are also many other important considerations. Depending on your finances, age, children and earning capacity, your post-divorce life may be very different from the lifestyle you maintain as a married couple. If you want to discuss what your options might be in the event of a divorce, we can help you.

We will discuss issues such as:

If you think that your marriage may benefit from mediation, we can refer you to family law mediators. Mary Ann Beaty is an experienced mediator, but cannot represent a client as a lawyer and also serve as his or her mediator.

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