Child support orders are created after courts consider several factors that take into account the children’s financial needs as well as their parents’ ability to provide those kids with economic support. In Texas, a parent who does not pay their child support obligation can be sanctioned with significant legal penalties; a prior post on this Dallas family law and divorce legal blog discussed some of those possible consequences.

It therefore can become a very difficult situation when a child’s financial needs become more expensive or a parent’s capacity to provide support decreases. This can happen for a number of reasons, from a child requiring additional support to treat a medical need or a parent losing their job and not having sufficient income to provide their child with their court ordered payments. Parents who want to stay current on their child support obligations may not be able to if changes in circumstance make it impossible.

When there is a material and substantial change in circumstances regarding the child support situation of a family, it may be possible for them to secure a modification to the operating order. The requirements for meeting the requirements for a material and substantial change are specific and individuals who wish to pursue modifications may wish to speak with their attorneys about how best to approach this legal option.

Child support is an important component for maintaining normalcy in a child’s life when their parents choose to end their familial relationship. Modifications to child support orders can be effective means of preserving parents’ capacities to pay while acknowledging that changes in circumstances may impact the amounts they are able to provide.