On behalf of The Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, PC posted in Family Law on Wednesday, August 7, 2013.

Though adoption is often a longtime goal for prospective parents in Texas, the process of adopting a new child also comes with a number of challenges.  Currently there are 7 million children in the United States awaiting adoption.  However, couples have also been given more options as to the child they wish to adopt than ever before.

Parents can privately adopt a child through an adoption agency, go through the foster care system to adopt a child, or become parents through the international adoption process.  Any of these three processes could place hurdles in the way of couples attempting to adopt, however.

In recent years international adoptions have declined in numbers in part because foreign governments have placed impediments in the way.  Though Russia made headlines for closing off the adoption process to American couples, countries like Guatemala, Haiti, Rwanda and Viet Nam have also closed off the adoption process.

There are advantages to the foster care process of adoption in that it can be less expensive.  The costs for adopting of a child have greatly increased even over the past decade.  But while costs of foster care adoptions may be lower, this also means that more prospective parents will be seeking the adoption of a child through this manner.

Attorneys can often provide the guidance that couples will need in understanding the laws and the many complexities that prospective parents can face.  These professionals can also assist those seeking adoption of a child by helping with the paperwork and being present during every step of the entire process.

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