When a couple no longer gets along, it is important that they have the option to get out of the relationship and move on. When married couples in Texas seek to dissolve their marriage, the divorce process is usually initiated if they discover that the relationship is irreparable. Although dissolving a marriage is a readily available option for most, this is not always the case for same-sex partners who have been legally married and seek to divorce. In the state of Texas, this brings up various divorce legal issues that can both be challenging and emotional.

After the recent debates surrounding whether or not the courts in Texas will hear same-sex divorce cases, the Texas Supreme Court was recently urged to allow a divorce to be obtained by a same-sex couple that was legally married in another state. This was done despite the objections from the Attorney General and the state’s ban on same-sex marriages.

During the one-hour hearing, the justices focused on issues such as whether the Attorney General has the right to intervene and whether the recent ruling by the Supreme Court striking down sections of DOMA had any effect on Texas law.

Although the details of this case are not expected to be released until the spring of 2014, some have commented saying that same-sex marriages are void and unenforceable in the State of Texas no matter where the marriage was created. This debate is not only emotional for those affected but also poses difficulties for same-sex couples who were legally married and are now seeking to get a divorce in the state in which they currently reside.

Divorces are generally a difficult time because they involve marital disputes, emotions and huge life changes. When additional obstacles are put in place, this often makes the divorce process very difficult and almost unobtainable. Whether in a same-sex couple or an opposite-sex couple, those struggling with the divorce process should understand their options and rights.