Most parents would do anything they can to do what is best for their children. Whether it meant finding them help with school, seeking medical care for their ailments or otherwise passing on social commitments to just spend time with their kids, Texas parents often prioritize their children above all of their other responsibilities.

It is hard, though, when parents fight each other over what they believe is best for the children they share. These disagreements can impact their relationships with their kids and can lay the foundations for difficult child custody disputes. Currently, a well-known international athlete is experiencing just this legal dilemma as she is forced to miss competing in a major event due to an ongoing battle with her ex.

Victoria Azarenka was once the number one women’s tennis player in the world. She has competed in Grand Slam events across the globe, though this month she will have to sit out the U.S. Open. As the mother of a young child and resident of California, Azarenka cannot per court order bring her child to New York with her to compete in the tennis tournament. Her ex refuses to travel to New York with her, and as the former couple has had an acrimonious battle over the child’s custody, Azarenka refuses to leave the youth with their father.

Azarenka was allegedly awarded custody of her child by a court in her home country of Belarus, but the Californian court did not acknowledge that order. As a result she will remain with her child in California as the U.S. Open plays out without one of its biggest stars.

Child custody battles can turn difficult when parents cannot see eye to eye on their kids’ best interests. When difficulties such as these arise many parents benefit from the legal counsel of family law attorneys. With the help of her attorney Azarenka and her former partner may finally be able to put their differences aside and provide their child with a stable custody arrangement.

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