Parents in Texas, not only seek to spend quality time with their children, but they desire to be around to see the milestones of their children’s life. The ability to do this is not always the case for parents that are no longer together. Depending on the outcome of the divorce or the split, one parent might not have as many rights as the other. This is often due to one parent having sole or primary custody. A child custody arrangement could lead to challenges and even disputes, which could result in modifications.

A recent article talked about fathers’ rights and noted that the standard in child custody cases in the state of Texas is changing. A research study claims that there are an increasing number of single dads with custody of their children. According to the report, from 1960 to present, the rate increased from 1% to approximately 8%.

Although the numbers of single mothers with custody is much higher, judges have noticed a change in the past few decades. It is clear that society is changing, and the roles of parents are evolving. It used to be expected that the mother would obtain full custody of their children in a divorce due to their nurturing role, but a growing number of fathers have been exercising their rights and seeking custody of their children.

When a child custody arrangement is devised, the best interest of the child is the focal point. In some cases, joint custody cannot easily be obtained, so one parent maintaining primary custody of a child is often best. Although mothers get custody more often than fathers, it is clear that fathers are seeking custody more often.

Whether a parent seeks to modify child custody or seeks to exercise their fathers’ rights, they should understand that they have options. This might mean seeking advice about their situation so they can take appropriate action.