Prenuptial agreements are contracts that individuals make with their soon-to-be marital partners that outline how their assets and wealth will be divided in the event that their impending marriages end in divorce. The Law Offices of  board-certified family law attorney Mary Ann Beaty take pride in working with Dallas residents who not only want to create “prenups” before they wed but who also want to ensure that their premarital contracts are carefully drafted and properly executed.

A poorly drafted prenuptial agreement can introduce headaches and legal problems in the event of a divorce. Ambiguity may prevent a party from claiming property that they believed would be theirs per the terms of the agreement or may leave questions about the parties’ intent for property they may not have owned at the time they married.

An improperly executed prenup may be just as problematic. If a prenuptial agreement is not written, signed, and properly drafted to contain the necessary provisions, it may be thrown out during the couple’s divorce. If it was created with one of the parties under duress or during a period of incapacity, it may also be found invalid by a divorce court.

There are many ways that a prenuptial agreement may be set aside by a divorce court but one good way to ensure that it has a fighting chance to stand up in court – by utilizing the services of legal professionals who work hard for their clients when preparing important legal documents such as prenups. To learn more about the prenuptial agreement services offered Dallas divorce attorney Mary Ann Beaty, please visit our website, or call (800) 491-7565.