The idea of divorce may seem like a welcome one. After years of being married to your spouse in Texas, you are finally ready to set yourself free to start living the life you feel you deserve. As liberating as this situation can be, it is important for you to understand how stressful and challenging the process is.

To prevent the turmoil of divorce from wreaking havoc on your life, take some time to review the following three suggestions on how to cope with it.

1. Stay on your square

Your spouse may not like the idea that you are leaving. He or she may resort to doing and saying things to get a negative reaction out of you. He or she may disagree with every negotiation attempt you make and may do his or her best to try and cheat you out of your share of marital assets. Avoid arguing with your former spouse. Stay calm and do not allow him or her to make you lose your cool. By keeping your emotions withdrawn from the situation, you put yourself in a better position to negotiate, consider all options and make the best decisions for you.

2. Surround yourself with people who care

You should spend more time with people and family who will support you throughout this ordeal. There will be times where you may feel hurt, angry and low. Your loved ones can prevent you from becoming depressed, letting yourself go physically, and keep you emotionally balanced.

3. Focus on you

Your circumstances are changing. Start working on yourself to improve your post-divorce lifestyle. Even though you may be losing your spouse’s income, that does not mean you have to sacrifice your health, wealth and happiness. Consider going back to school to earn a higher degree or certification to improve your professional credentials. Learn a new skill, hobby or apply for a better job. The goal is for you to focus on yourself so you can be happy and financially stable.

Depending on your situation, there may be challenges for you to overcome. However, by taking the time to plan your way out and take care of yourself, you can achieve the divorce outcome you desire.