Texans who are in a marriage that is constantly upended by dispute might consider whether it is worth it to continue with the marriage or if moving forward with a divorce is the right course of action. There are times when a person does not need to go through a checklist of reasons why the end of a marriage is the only solution, but many divorce legal issues are not so simple. People who are thinking about the possibility of divorce should account for several factors before making a final decision.

Communication issues are often at the forefront of marital troubles. Studies show that a significant portion of what is said to people is not heard – as much as 70 percent – so making certain that the other party hears the problems and understands them is imperative. Some couples enter a relationship with different goals and ideas as to how it will be. Difficulties can arise if, for example, one spouse was expected to be responsible for the finances but does not want to do that. Before deciding to divorce, the best-case scenario is to save the marriage if it is possible. Couples who can formulate viable reasons to stay together should consider it. If they cannot, maybe it is time to call it quits.

Often, couples forget that the main objective in a marriage is to be happy together. A couple could look at their circumstances and decide that they will be happier with the unknown of divorce than they are with the known of an unhappy marriage. There is nothing wrong with admitting it is just not worth it. Love is supposedly the reason people get married in the first place, but when the marriage is underway, some people no longer feel it or feel it in the same way. Perhaps if there is an examination of the feelings and it is not the same, a divorce is preferable.

There are several other considerations regarding the decision to divorce and they will be discussed in a subsequent post. However, if a person has some or all of the above criteria checked off on their list of reasons why they might want to move forward with ending a marriage, it is wise to speak to a lawyer who can help with making a final decision on settling a marital dispute with a divorce.