When marital issues occur, Texas couples may attempt to keep personal issues personal. This is especially true when the couple decides to file for divorce. Not only are they dealing with the emotions and disputes included in the initial stages of filing, they are also encountering divorce issues. Many do not want to drag additional people into their problems. Furthermore, some couples do not want others to know they are divorcing or the reason behind the divorce.

Although it is difficult to accept the fact that a marriage is over, couples need to face the reality of their problems. By lying or avoiding the truth, they might be hurting themselves. Even though it cannot be simply put or easily defined, spouses should try to fully understand why they are separating.

It often goes much deeper than a simple explanation, and by fully understanding why the marriage no longer works, they will fair better during the divorce process as well as post-divorce. Each divorce situation is unique, but understanding why the dissolution occurred might also be the solution for dealing with post-divorce issues.

Whether it is due to infidelity, falling out of love, money problems or any other number of issues, pinpointing the reason might spark a deeper and broader conversation about why a divorce is necessary. Although it may be difficult to attach purpose and reason to an emotional event, understanding why could ultimately cause the ex-spouses to work together toward a common goal.

No divorce is the same and some can get very complex. For some, the initial process was not difficult but post-divorce issues keep coming up. It is important that ex-spouses properly address these issues and understand what steps to take if future issues arise, include modification of a divorce agreement.


Source: Huffington Post, “Come On Now…What’s the REAL Reason You’re Getting Divorced?” Jackie Pilossoph, March 11, 2014