Parents in Texas understand that maintaining a relationship with their child is important during and after a divorce. Many family law issues plague a divorcing couple, and one major issue that can continue post-divorce is child support. Obtaining the necessary finances is crucial for the wellbeing of a couple’s children as well as the custodial parent. Although it is important to devise a proper child support arrangement, the process can often lead to disputes and challenges.

Multimillionaire Manny Mehos recently asked a Texas judge to allow him to cease his child support payments. After paying $5,000 a month in child support to his ex-wife, the multimillionaire seeks to not only stop future payments but also to have all the support payments he has made since April to be repaid to him.

This request follows him being awarded temporary custody of their two children back in April. It has been speculated that his ex-wife would go broke without these child support payments. She claims that she would not be able to afford her apartment in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She wants to maintain her current residence because she hopes to regain shared custody of their 3-year-old and 5-year-old.

Mehos gained temporary custody after providing evidence to the courts that his ex-wife had an abortion shortly after their dissolution. In addition, he discovered she was lying about the environment in which she was raising their children. Although he gained temporary custody of the children, the court will revisit the child support issue in order to determine the best interest of the children.

For some, the divorce process itself can be challenging and difficult, but some couples encounter more strife post-divorce. This is often due to divorced parents arguing about custody and child support. To avoid these spats, it may be in each party’s interest to form an agreement regarding these issues. However, even if an agreement has been reached or a court judgment handed down, it is not uncommon to alter or modify the arrangements.

Those struggling with child support payments or custody issues should explore their options. This could mean seeking independent advice about available courses of action and which route is most appropriate. This can help protect a parent’s rights and help serve the best interest of the child.


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