In a previous post here on our Dallas family law blog discussed a recent court ruling that legally recognized a disputed divorce that took place in another country. Because our state has always been home to a diverse population of residents who came from south of the border and across the sea as well, family law issues that straddle international boundaries are no stranger to Texas courts.

The same can’t often be said, however, of the legal system to those immigrants and their family members who need to exercise their legal options. Accessing and navigating the family law system isn’t even a simple matter for Texans born and raised here for generations. That’s why the professionals at the Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, P.C. are available to help you look for solutions to challenging, often sensitive family law issues.

Will a divorce from overseas be recognized here in Texas? As we saw last week, it may be or it may not be, depending on the circumstances. What if a divorcing spouse seeking child custody intends to take the child out of the United States, back to his or her home country? Visitation arrangements will need to take the expense, infrequency, and in some cases difficulty of international travel into account.

Couples in Texas also often seek to adopt a child from overseas. Such an addition to the family can truly be a blessing. However, many adoptive parents curse the legal hurdles and objections that can crop up at the last minute — or even years after they thought the adoption was final.

These kinds of disputes may be rooted in some legal gray areas, and it takes an experienced Dallas family law attorney to provide accurate insight and effective advocacy on one’s behalf.