Over the last several weeks on the blog we have discussed fathers’ rights and why it is so important to work to protect them. Unfortunately, our society often looks down upon fathers, preferring to grant certain rights and privileges to mothers. Whether you are married and considering divorce, or you had a child out of wedlock, this could be disheartening.

In most matters related children, a court will make determinations that it feels support the best interests of the child. Therefore, factors such as income, health, mental state, bond with the child, history of substance abuse, and incidences of domestic violence may come into play when child custody and child support determinations are made. Sometimes, though, who we are today is not who we were yesterday. So, if you find yourself facing a family law dispute, then you may want to consider seeking assistance from a Texas attorney who takes pride in helping others.

Many times, family law issues can be settled through negotiation. The legal team at The Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty are well versed in negotiating favorable settlements dealing with both child custody and child support. Even when negotiations fail and a matter goes to court, our team of advocates works diligently and aggressively to ensure our clients are able to present their side of the story and why what they are seeking supports the best interests of the child.

Also, it’s important to note that even once a judgment is entered in your case, you may be able to obtain a custody or support modification. Our law firm has a strong history of helping fathers who lose their job, face declining health, and/or decide they would like to be their child’s custodial parent. Though the fight may be difficult legally and tough emotionally, having a strong legal advocate by your side can make all the difference.