Texas residents decide to divorce for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, there are irreconcilable personal differences that a couple is simply unable to work through. Other times, the spark may be gone, and the two spouses are no longer in love with one another. Some cases involve fault, that is, when one spouse is found to have committed harm to the other spouse.

In fact, there are seven grounds for divorce in Texas. The first one is insupportability. In this case, there are disagreements or differences that make it so the marriage cannot continue any longer. Then there is cruelty, in which one spouse is found to be guilty of cruel treatment toward another spouse. Adultery is also a grounds for divorce, such as in the case when a spouse is found guilty of cheating on the other spouse.

Conviction of a felony is another grounds for divorce. The other spouse must be imprisoned for at least one year. Abandonment, too, is a grounds for divorce; if a spouse leaves the other spouse with the intention of abandoning them, and is away for at least a year, abandonment can be used as a grounds. If the spouses have been living apart for at least three years, then this can used as a grounds for divorce. And finally, confinement in a hospital, that is, the spouse has been in a mental hospital for at least three years, can be used as a grounds for divorce.

As becomes apparent, there are many family law issues involved in divorce. In order to fully understand these complexities, it often helps to have an attorney at one’s side. With the help of a skilled attorney, it is often possible to devise a strong legal strategy.


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