While any divorce is difficult, a military divorce presents unique challenges. In addition to the typical decisions that marital dissolution requires, service members are required to address issues such as military benefits, military retirement, health care benefits and other benefits related to his or her service. Moreover, if children are involved, a parent’s involvement in the military can generate additional challenges when exercising parental rights and gaining parenting time.

Because we have represented numerous servicemen and women, our attorneys understand the unique challenges that a military divorce can generate. At the Law offices of Mary Ann Beaty, P.C., we represent military personnel in the Dallas area, helping service members and their families work through divorce and child custody issues.

For military spouses that are still an active serve member of a military branch, he or she might consider this circumstance to present difficulties when developing a child custody arrangement. However, due to recent changes in Texas law, if a service member is deployed out of the state or overseas, regular visits with their children can be provided with other family members of the active service member.

A retired military spouse might have some concerns regarding their military benefits and retirement plans. In fact, these are one of the most contentious issues during a military divorce. Our legal team is knowledgeable and skilled at dealing with these complex issues, and we have helped past clients successfully navigate these problems, helping them reach a favorable agreement.

To learn more, check out our military divorce webpage. This could provide general information regarding options available to spouses going through a military divorce. Because some matters involved in a military divorce can be complex, it is important that both spouses take steps to fully understand their rights so they can take proper and timely action.