On behalf of The Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, PC posted in Child Custody on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.

Couples in Texas understand that being a parent is an exciting and important component in life. Following a divorce or separation, child custodycan interfere with parenting time. Dissolution of marriage means encountering a laundry list of issues and factors to address, and when children are involved in the process they often shape and prolong reaching a divorce agreement. The needs and support of the child are the focal point and the best interest of the child should be the determining factor when drafting a child custody arrangement.

When parents part ways, there are many considerations to be made for their children. When a special needs child is involved, this step requires much more care, flexibility and patience. A recent article focused on this topic and discussed the challenges involved as well as the need to focus on the priority of the child with great care and responsibility.

Like any child custody issue, parents need to determine the best interests of the child, but with a special needs child, arrangements might not be as flexible as a parent might hope for because of visitation orders and the constant needs of the child conflicting with the schedules of the newly single parents.

Co-parenting successfully with a special needs child might be difficult, but if a child custody agreement is artfully crafted, not only will the child benefit but the parents could as well. A special needs child often requires more attention, and parents will often have to act as a team for the benefit of their child.

Whether it concerns child support or caretaking, parents need to address the needs of their child. In the case of special needs children, financial support is often a concern due to medical appointments, health concerns and therapies. Scheduling conflicts might have been an issue during the marriage, so parents need to address this post-divorce so the child does not experience a huge change in their life.

Having both parents in the life of a special needs child is important. The parents provide emotional, mental and physical support. Moreover, having access to both parents creates a platform for co-parenting and a more positive experience for the children.

When child custody issues are problematic, it is crucial that divorced parents address them properly. Getting the right information about the situation could be very beneficial for everyone involved, especially when complex issues are involved. Whether modifying or enforcing a child custody arrangement is needed, taking action is very important for the children involved.

Source: Examiner, “Divorce and the special needs child,” Patricia Barrett, Jan. 8, 2014