On behalf of The Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, PC posted in Family Law on Thursday, January 2, 2014.

Married, separated and divorced couples in Texas understand that the holidays are often difficult, especially if they are getting in constant fights with their spouse, soon-to-be ex-spouse or ex-spouse. This is a common occurrence when children are involved. Custody and visitation are often the center of the disputes occurring around the holiday, and these fights can take a toll on divorced parents and their children. This is often why those dealing with these family law issues should look towards the New Year to better their situation and avoid similar occurrences next year.

Divorced parents should look towards the improvements they seek in their relationships with their children and their ex-spouse and make them a New Years resolution. Even talking about this with the children could help motivate the parents and they could help keep them on track.

It is common for ex-spouses to get frustrated when they cannot see their children when they want to or their ex-spouse is dating or remarried and they feel replaced. In these situations it is important to not bad-talk them. An ex-spouse and their new partner will be involved in the child’s life. By having an open conversation about the situation, pent up anger and expressions of outrage and anger could be avoided.

In some situations, emotions get the best of divorced parents. Anger and spitefulness controls their actions, often making them feel guilty later on. Parents should watch what they say or do in front of their kids. This could significantly impact how they view the double house situation and how they feel about the other parents.

Parents should seek quality over quantity. Just because one parent spends more time with the children it does not mean they are loved less by the other. Ensuring parents spend valuable time with their children could ease the difficulties with the constant shifts between homes.

Whether a parent wants to work on their patience, stop bad-talking their ex-spouse or be more willing to compromise, the New Year is an excellent time to work towards better co-parenting. Although co-parenting is not easily achieved or proper for all divorced parents, there are other options, such as seeking modification of child custody and visitation. Those seeking to better or change an arrangement should understand their rights, options and what steps they need to take.

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