Texans can decide to divorce for a multitude of reasons and some are more unique than others. Researchers study the causes of the end of a marriage, a dispute that might have sparked it, and the divorce legal issues that accompany the decision. While there are common reasons why a marriage might end, there are sometimes circumstantial ones from outside the couple’s purview. One reason why a marriage might end is politics.

Given today’s contentious political climate, a greater number of couples are parting ways due to disagreements over the presidential administration of Donald J. Trump. A study from a polling firm in Virginia states that one out of 10 couples have decided to end a relationship due to a political disagreement. It must be noted that these couples combined the married and unmarried. Millennials were splitting at 22 percent. The research group began its study to see if there was an actual rise in the number of people whose relationships were ending because of political differences. It turns out they are.

The survey included more than 1,000 people and was taken in mid-April. 22 percent of the people who took part said that they knew couples who had had problems after President Trump was elected. 24 percent of those who took part and are married or in a relationship said that they and their partner disagreed about politics more than before. The polling company says that many couples get into a dispute about finances, but for the past six months, one in five couples involved in a relationship or married are disagreeing because of the president’s policies instead of financial issues.

Regardless of the reason a married couple decides to end their marriage, the divorce legal issues will be universal. That includes money, property, children, living arrangements, visitation and how these matters are settled. For a couple that is divorcing because of dislike or disagreements about the new president, it is important to understand that the reason for the decision to divorce is only part of the process. Once the choice has been made to end the marriage, it is vital to have legal help to get through the divorce issues independent of what they are.