Summer is fast approaching which may mean changes to children’s schedules that impact child custody agreements or visitation arrangement. It may be time to plan vacations, coordinate parenting time and utilize a well-crafted parenting plan to avoid disputes. A parenting schedule that is written down or in a court custody order that addresses vacations and holiday time can help avoid conflict and disputes down the road.

It is important to have knowledge and proper guidance when developing a parenting plan that will work for your family as it changes. It may be possible to also seek a child custody modification from the court in certain circumstances but having a thorough parenting plan to begin with is helpful for parents and children, especially as time progresses and circumstances do sometimes change.

It is also helpful to address potential issues and specific vacation time and holiday time concerns well in advance so that proper planning can be made and fewer disputes result. Planning in advance, and discussing potential issues and concerns early on, will help couples resolve child custody disputes themselves but also provide time to seek help through the family law court process if necessary to resolve disputes that way.

Negotiating early on can help parents share their parenting time throughout the year in the best way possible for everyone. The family law process is designed to help parents resolve issues, such as parenting time and child custody, that are important to them in a way the is best for the child and as flexible for the needs of the family as possible which is why it is beneficial for parents to be familiar with the child custody process.


Source: HuffPost Divorce, “How To Get Through The Summer If You’re Going Through A Divorce,” May 25, 2016