Divorce is often a difficult time for anyone, no matter the length of the marriage. Married couples in Texas understand that life during marriage and life post-divorce are significantly different. This is not only because they are dealing with being single again, but also because their life has drastically changed, creating new and often scary emotions.

Many people would probably claim that women are more emotional and find it difficult to cope with things after a divorce. However, a recent article indicated that data is showing the opposite. In fact, the report indicated that men are more susceptible to heart disease, high-blood pressure and strokes post-divorce than their counterparts who are married. Furthermore, divorced men are 39 percent more likely to engage in risky behavior or even commit suicide.

Researchers have discovered reasons for these results. First, divorce causes men to lose their sense of identity, meaning they no longer associate themselves with being a husband, provider or companion. Second, their role as a father is challenged. The split has affected their ability to be around all the time and stay connected with their children.

Lastly, men often hide their emotions and this prevents them from grieving properly. Bottling up their emotions can in turn create aggravation and frustration, which could affect various other areas in their lives. These emotions can cause disputes between the divorced spouses, especially if they seek to make any post-divorce modifications. This could also pose challenges if they are stuck in the process of property division. Emotions could get in the way and an ex-spouse could become spiteful and make the process more difficult. Being aware of emotions and responses to a situation is key to coping with a difficult event such as divorce.