In Texas, if there are no children involved and not much property to be distributed, the dissolution of a marriage can be an easy and fairly straightforward procedure. In contrast, a high asset divorce can be very complex, involving property disputes and numerous other issues. It is not unusual for a high asset divorce to take well over a year to reach an agreement.

An ongoing high asset divorce in Connecticut has dragged on long past any reasonable duration. Currently, the divorce has been going on for a decade, and with recent disputes and multiple court dates set, many see no end in sight for this divorce.

The case involving the former investment advisor and his ex-wife has produced nearly 600 motions and rulings to date. The couple continues to fight over the divorce agreement and child visitation plan. An unusual twist arose when the SEC reopened an insider trading investigation of a prominent hedge fund after the ex-wife alleged that her husband provided inside information to its principals. She and her new husband received a $1 million reward for her assistance.

Unfortunately, in any acrimonious divorce the real victims are the kids. Most experts acknowledge that parental fighting in a divorce case can leave lasting emotional scars on children.

Couples seeking a divorce but struggling to resolve their differences should consider alternative methods. This could mean negotiation, mediation or arbitration. No matter what route a divorcing couple takes, it is important that they put the best interests of the children ahead of their own desire for revenge.