On behalf of The Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, PC posted in Fathers’ Rights on Thursday, April 21, 2016.

It used to be the case that mothers in Texas were considered to be the best caretakers of their child, and in child custody cases they would often be awarded sole custody of the child. However, these days it is recognized that fathers play a pivotal role in their child’s life and have every right to custody of their child as mothers have.

Children born to a couple during the couple’s marriage will be presumed to be the child of the father. However, unmarried fathers may need to pursue a paternity action before their parentage can be legally recognized. Once they do so, and paternity is established they have the same rights to seek custody as the child’s mother does. In fact, according to the Texas constitution, courts cannot prefer mothers over fathers in legal cases.

That being said, fathers may still need to prove to the court that they should have parental rights. Being a good parent is of the utmost importance. For example, child support should be paid in full and on time. Any current custody or visitation orders should be followed to the tee. In addition, the father should be an active participant in his child’s life and should raise his child in a healthy environment.

Simply establishing paternity does not automatically mean custody will be granted to a father. Usually the father will need to take legal action to seek child custody. Fathers’ rights are important, so fathers should not hesitate to seek help when pursuing custody of or visitation with their child. The professionals at the Law Office of Mary Ann Beaty, P.C., understand the challenges fathers face when seeking custody. Their website on fathers’ rights may be of use to fathers who are wondering what they need to do to pursue custody of their child.