Child support is for the child which it is important to keep in mind as child support disputes come up between parents. Children need financial support and it is important for parents to remain focused on the child’s needs during child support disputes and when child support concerns arise. Because child support is important for children and families, and the family law process recognizes that life changes in a variety of ways as children grow and develop, the family law process provides options to help parents through those changes.

As needs and circumstances change, child support modifications may also be needed. In certain situations, a child support modification may be possible. In Texas, it is necessary to demonstrate a significant change in circumstances to modify a child support order. It may be possible to demonstrate a significant change in circumstances based on a change in the finances of one of the parents; a change in the employment status of one of the parents if they obtain a new job or lose a job; a change in the health of a parent or child; a change in the needs of the child; or the remarriage of a parent.

Whenever decisions concerning children are made, the guiding factor considered by the court is what is in the best interests of the child. It is important to be able to document the needs of the child and to be familiar with how child support is determined and modified in Texas. Child support is an understandably important concern for parents which is why the family law process offers resources to guide parents through their changing needs and the changing needs of their children.

Life is full of changes which is true for all families. Parents should be familiar with how the child support modification process can help them respond to changes in their families and remain focused on what is in the best interests of their children.