When couples argue, it is common for close friends and relatives to know about their marital problems. When a wealthy or celebrity couple has marital problems or files for divorce, often a large range of people know about their personal issues because the media or tabloid will cover their problems. A high asset divorce is not only difficult because numerous people know their issues, but it is also challenging because there could be problems surrounding property distribution and the couple’s prenuptial agreement.

A Dallas hedge-fund mogul’s divorce has been closely watched recently. The co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, a $18 billion asset manager, has been dealing with a two year divorce battle. The bitter dissolution began when his ex-wife breached their prenuptial agreement. He stated that this occurred when she asked for more than the $5 million maximum payout the agreement allowed for.

Due to her violating the pre-nup, he is now seeking to have the document tossed and invalidated because asking for more money in the divorce directly broke the terms of the agreement. An attorney unrelated to the case commented on this situation and stated that this is a rare request because this is not a case of infidelity and the judge could still rule in favor of the wife, which could allow her to recover more than the pre-nup allowed.

The court still has not ruled on this case, and the jury could either find that the soon-to-be ex-wife gets nothing for violating the prenuptial agreement, she gets what is owed to her by the agreement or she get more money like she requested.

Money and finances are often the source of arguments and disputes in the divorce process. Those struggling with the details of a prenuptial agreement or upholding the document should seek independent advice. This could assist them with the decision-making process and ensure their rights are upheld.