On behalf of The Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, PC posted in Fathers’ Rights on Friday, April 28, 2017.

For a long time, when a couple shared children and was no longer together, an established perception in Texas and across the U.S. was that the mother would have custody and the fathers’ rights were secondary. That is changing in a slow but sure manner. Fathers are increasingly pursuing their rights to have significant parenting time and even custody of children. Although times are different and the law is acting accordingly, that does not mean that family law issues are pushed aside and fathers are treated equally with mothers.

Fathers are taking a greater active role in the lives of their children. Often, this can spark disagreements with the mother as to how much time the father will get to spend with the child or if custody will be given to the father instead of the mother. Paternity is a key to this situation as it is the first step to being granted the rights that a legal father automatically has. This is especially true if the couple was not married when the child is born.

There are various facts that many fathers are not aware of. If, for example, a father is paying to support the child and is not getting the amount of visitation he wants, it is possible to pursue a legal action to get an order of visitation. In some instances, the mother might be unfit to care for the child as a custodial parent and the father can seek custody outright. When the man is legally designated as the father, the rights to the child are the same as they are for the mother. According to the law, both parents have equal rights and no preference can be given to the mother over the father. This is imperative when embroiled in a dispute.

To ensure that fathers’ rights are adhered to, legal help is imperative. For those who are concerned about paternity or are engaged in disputes about a father’s rights, having a lawyer can help. Whether it is a paternity action, custody, visitation or anything else related to a child, the first call that should be made is to a lawyer who is experienced in Texas law and fathers’ rights.