On behalf of The Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, PC posted in Family Law on Friday, December 4, 2015.

With a Texas divorce, many couples are simply seeking to get it over with and receive a fair settlement. In some circumstances, however, the case is completed and one or both sides are unhappy with the outcome. This is when there is an attempt on the part of one, the other or both to have post-divorce modification. There can be numerous reasons for this from child support to child custody to a property and asset dispute. Regardless, it is important to have legal help when deciding to try to have an agreement modified.

When there is a divorce order, the court can only function on the information it is provided at the time. Unfortunately, no one can foresee what will happen in the immediate and distant future. Certain instances can make it necessary to have an order changed. It is difficult to project how situations will differ and once the reality comes to pass, the changes might be necessary.

When seeking post-divorce modifications, information as to why this is desired and necessary must be provided. There needs to be a strong legal ground for it to move forward. This is especially true when it comes to visitation, support and child custody. Certain problems could arise such as a parent losing his or her job and needing more financial help to make ends meet until things are back on stronger footing. There could be allegations or concerns of abuse that make the visitation order no longer applicable. One parent might want or need to move to a different location making relocation an issue.

No matter the reasons for the post-divorce modification, it is imperative that a person have a firm grasp on the legal issues surrounding it and move forward with making the changes the right way. Speaking to a legal professional who has experience in modifying a divorce agreement is a key to achieving a satisfactory outcome.