In some ways, Dallas residents might look at celebrity divorces like the recent split between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and wonder why they couldn’t make it work. These two prominent actors were seemingly so far removed from the financial stress and daily grind of a job (or multiple jobs to make ends meet) that it may have seemed that they had little to get in the way of marital bliss.

The reality is that couples of any income level, anywhere in this country, may find themselves for one reason or another at the end of a marriage. Texas doesn’t have the numbers of celebrities that Hollywood has, but there have been plenty of high-profile divorces in the state. And the divorce issues that accompany them are all-too-familiar to Dallas residents.

Here in Texas, the mother of singer Beyoncé Knowles divorced her husband after 30 years together. The owner of the Astros ball team and his wife, a philanthropist, divorced after more than two decades together; their settlement came to almost $30 million. And Neil Bush, a prominent son of the presidential family, split from his wife after 23 years. In addition to the three children they shared, the couple dealt with accusations of infidelity and even threats over the phone in their divorce.

Our goal in examining high-asset divorce cases like these is not to gossip or shame. We want to emphasize to our readers considering or going through a divorce that, as difficult as the process can be, it’s something which many, many Texas residents go through, from all walks of life. Legal professionals are available to discuss the specifics of any given case, as different scenarios have different issues at stake.


Source: Houston Chronicle, “Houston’s most high-profile divorces,” Andrea Rumbaugh, July 16, 2015