In divorce, there can be much to think about. Divorce can involve many family law issues, including child support, child custody and the like. It can also involve property division disputes and decisions regarding spousal support. Before the divorce proceedings can even begin, there are often steps that couples need to take in order to get the ball rolling. Often, it can be of great help to enlist the aid of an attorney who can guide couples through every step of the process.

Some of the initial steps that must be taken in order to initialize divorce involve the filing of certain forms. In Texas, these forms include the original petition for divorce, which must be filed at a courthouse in order to begin a divorce case. The form states that the couple desires a divorce and what the couple wants the court to order.

Some other common forms in divorce include the certificate of last known addresses, which is applicable in certain situations and may be required at the final divorce hearing. A notice of a change in address may be required as well, along with an affidavit of military status. And finally, there is the final decree of divorce, which finalizes the divorce and states what the court orders in each individual case. This form is brought to the final divorce hearing.

There are many other forms that may be necessary in a Texas divorce. Every divorce is unique, and it can be difficult to predict what may be necessary in each individual case. Thankfully, family law attorneys are available to assist couples with this process. With the help of an attorney, it may be possible to work through every step of the process and come to a favorable resolution.


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