Dallas residents and film fans will likely recall a few years ago when “Twilight” franchise star Kristen Stewart cheated on boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson with the director of “Snow White and the Huntsman,” another film she was working on at the time. The media was largely consumed with the breakup of Stewart and Pattison, but they were not the only couple whose relationship eventually ended as a result of the affair.

The director, Rupert Sanders, was married with two children at the time of his indiscretions with Stewart. His wife, British model Liberty Ross, filed for divorce some six months after the affair. Recently that separation was finalized and Ross commented publicly on the terribly difficult time that she experienced after compromising photos of her husband with Stewart went public. Ross reportedly said that it was the worst feeling when she found out about the affair, feeling that she tried her hardest and gave all she could as a wife and mother.

Dallas residents who are facing the possible end of a marriage due to a situation like this – regardless of which side they are on – may be interested to learn some details of the settlement in this couple’s divorce. A major asset, the couple’s $2 million home on the West Coast, will go entirely to Ross. In general, Ross is reported to have come out very well, with one observer suggesting Sanders’ guilt played a factor in property division.

Particularly in a high asset divorce like this couple’s, the process has the potential to become both highly complicated and hotly contested. A family house, for example, is one asset to which both parties may have emotions attached, but how do wealthy couples go about dividing a jointly owned business, stocks or valuable retirement accounts? A legal professional is often an important source of advice and guidance during the process.

Source: Life and Style Weekly, “”Guilt Money”: Liberty Ross Gets Large Settlement in Divorce from Rupert Sanders After Kristen Stewart Affair,” May 30, 2014