Some divorces and child custody matters are settled in an amicable manner. However, sometimes it is necessary to involve the court to protect your rights during the divorce process. To prevent someone from taking an action that may be harmful to you, your children or your property, you can file a temporary restraining order.

Filing a restraining order can be complicated if you are new to the process. You can get help from the Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, P.C. We understand that you may feel overwhelmed during this time. We will guide you through the process and represent you at hearings. To make an appointment with a Dallas restraining order lawyer, please call 800-491-7565 or contact us online.

Restraining orders are common in family law cases. With so many emotional and financial decisions at stake, sometimes people act out in ways that may harm their spouse. A restraining order can prevent them from taking certain actions until a judge makes a decision on the issue at a hearing.
People file restraining orders for many reasons, including:

  • Prohibiting the transfer of marital property
  • Prohibiting the closing of financial accounts
  • Preventing the removal of children from a school district
  • Preventing a parent from taking a child to a doctor or therapist to which the other parent objects

Temporary restraining orders are signed by judges without a hearing. They are generally valid for 14 days and may be extended for 14 additional days in some circumstances. A hearing is usually scheduled during this time. A judge will then decide whether the restraining order will become an injunction that will be valid until a trial.

We can assist you with restraining orders and emergency orders of protection. Please call our office at 800-491-7565 to schedule an appointment today.


If you have been the victim of domestic violence or are involved in a bitter custody fight, you may need the court’s help to protect yourself and your family. One way to accomplish this is to file an emergency order of protection. A lawyer can help you through this process.

At the Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty, P.C., we have helped numerous clients file emergency orders in family law matters. We understand that you may be frustrated, frightened or both. You can rely on us for wise counsel and compassion during this time. To make an appointment to discuss your legal needs with a Dallas family law attorney, please call 800-491-7565 or contact us online.

You may file an emergency order for yourself or on behalf of a child. Some common reasons people file emergency orders include:

  • To allow the seizing of a child being unlawfully kept
  • To remove someone from your house when there has been violence or threats of violence
  • To keep someone away from your child

In cases involving parents and children, an emergency order can also address child custody and support issues. For example, if you file an emergency order because of domestic violence, you may also be able to file for temporary emergency custody of any children involved.

The court usually sets a hearing date within 14 days of the filing of the emergency order. When there is evidence that the filer is in danger of family violence, the court can issue a temporary ex parte order valid for up to 20 days. After the hearing and decision, an emergency order may be valid for up to one year.

Please call our office at 800-491-7565 if you need to file an emergency protective order.

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