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Family Law Archives

Grandparents may have the right to visit their grandchildren

Most grandparents understand their relationships with their grandchildren as ones where they can spoil, love and unconditionally support the youths. In some families, grandparents do much more for their grandchildren, such as provide them with homes when their parents cannot and provide daily care when their parents must work. Texas grandparents often relish the time that they get to spend with their grandchildren and seek to maximize that time whenever they can.

Contentious divorce can affect children long into adulthood

Texans who are divorcing can often be distracted by the issues they are dealing with and forget about the short and long-term effects that the process can have on their children. This is separate from child support. Studies frequently examine these factors and try to assess the aftermath of a divorce. One study found that if children have parents whose divorce results in animosity between them, the children are more prone to catch colds during childhood.

Property division and dealing with a family home in a divorce

There are certain issues in a Texas divorce that will cause unavoidable worries for both parties. Property division can be a source of contention. One property that is often in dispute is the family home. Knowing what to do with this asset can be complicated as it is often the most valuable part of a couple's portfolio. In general, there are two choices: either sell the property or have one of the spouses keep it. Knowing the positives and negatives of these alternatives is imperative.

Immigration orders could affect family law

President Donald Trump, on Jan. 25, signed an Executive Order allowing the deportation of individuals, including Texans, for reasons that were not previously grounds for deportation. But, this order also has the potential to be misused by litigants in family law matters and impact parties' rights.

How to adopt your stepchildren in Texas

Legal knowledge and assistance does not end with a divorce. You are likely to remarry and blend families. After much thought and consideration with your new spouse, you may desire to adopt his or her children. However, even if your stepchildren desire the same, there are legal requirements in Texas you must meet first to be able to adopt them. Knowing what they are can save you time and money, and make the process go more smoothly.

National divorce rates drop

The divorce rate in Texas and throughout the country has significantly fallen after years of remaining stable. Recently released data from the National Center for Family & Marriage Research at Bowling Green University revealed that the divorce rate for women in 2015 was at its lowest rate since 1979. It reported slightly under 17 divorces per married women over 15-years-old.

Same-sex marriage benefits challenged in court

Last year's U.S. Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges upheld the validity of same-sex marriages throughout the United States, transforming family law. However, opponents of these marriages in Texas recently filed a motion with the state Supreme Court, asking it to reconsider its ruling upholding the legality of employee benefits that the city of Houston provides to same-sex married couples.