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Divorce Archives

The end of a marriage via annulment for an underage person

A Texas divorce does not necessarily end with the couple parting ways and moving on with their lives. In some cases, there is a desire on the part of one of both members of the marriage to have an annulment and make it as if the marriage never happened in the first place. There could be religious justifications for this or it might be because the marriage involved someone who was under the age of legal adulthood. This post will address issues related to annulment for those under the age of 18.

Certain signals could predict the end of a marriage

Marriage can be difficult for Texans to keep together if there are disputes, disagreements and unwelcome emotions. According to research, slightly more than a million marriages broke up in the U.S. in 2015. With a divorce rate that is so significant, people who are experiencing problems in their marriage should be aware of the warning signs and when they should consider alternatives such as counseling, mediation or moving forward with the end of a marriage and getting a divorce. There are certain reasons that a marriage might hit the skids and eventually end. Understanding them is a key to recognizing them and acting.

What factors are important when deciding on a divorce? Part II

Texans who are having problems in their marriage might be confused and stuck within their potential options as they try to come to a decision. Choosing to try and salvage the relationship or move forward with the end of a marriage can have life-changing ramifications and be enormously difficult. However, there are times when a divorce is preferable to staying in a marriage that is simply no longer working. A recent post discussed certain factors that should be considered when thinking about a divorce. This post will talk about other issues that can be the determinative factor when divorcing.

What factors are important when deciding on a divorce? Part I

Texans who are in a marriage that is constantly upended by dispute might consider whether it is worth it to continue with the marriage or if moving forward with a divorce is the right course of action. There are times when a person does not need to go through a checklist of reasons why the end of a marriage is the only solution, but many divorce legal issues are not so simple. People who are thinking about the possibility of divorce should account for several factors before making a final decision.

Poll shows politics a growing cause for divorce since election

Texans can decide to divorce for a multitude of reasons and some are more unique than others. Researchers study the causes of the end of a marriage, a dispute that might have sparked it, and the divorce legal issues that accompany the decision. While there are common reasons why a marriage might end, there are sometimes circumstantial ones from outside the couple's purview. One reason why a marriage might end is politics.

What are the grounds for divorce under Texas law?

Texans might get caught up in the emotions that spark the consideration to move forward with the end of a marriage and get a divorce, but they will frequently ignore the basics of the process. The grounds for the divorce are integral to ending a marriage and should be understood before taking the next step. While the grounds are numerous and there is flexibility within them, divorce legal issues can still crop up. Having a grasp of the basics is vital. The following are reasons for a divorce to be granted: insupportability, cruelty, adultery, conviction of a felony, abandonment, living apart, and confinement in a mental hospital.

Divorce legal issues can be magnified for baby boomers

Texans who have been married for many years and are classified as "baby boomers" based on their age are not immune to marital struggles. In some instances, that leads to a divorce. People age 50 and older have experienced a double in divorces over the past twenty-plus years. With people living longer, some are deciding that they want to move on from an unhappy or stagnant marriage. There is also a reduction in the negativity surrounding divorce. These factors have contributed to people in this age range ending a marriage. With these divorces, there are important points to remember.

Financial concerns are an unavoidable factor in a divorce

Texans who are under the impression that divorce is an individual issue that occurs of its own due course might be surprised to know that it becomes more prevalent at certain times of the year. Research from the University of Washington found that the number of divorces in their state were consistently at their peak in March and August. Other states have a similar phenomenon. There is a belief that the holidays and their aftermath have an influence on the number of people who choose to move forward with the end of a marriage.

Tax issues women should understand when getting a divorce

Divorce legal issues often go beyond state lines and apply to every couple contemplating the end of a marriage. People in Texas and throughout the U.S. who are getting a divorce must bear certain factors in mind when it comes to their taxes and the status under which they file. Knowing the issues that will affect their taxes is key to a smooth transition from married to single. Women are particularly vulnerable in certain situations and they need to protect themselves.

Divorce rises for baby boomers

Contrary to trends for younger couples, gray divorce for spouses over 50 years-old is on the rise. The Pew Research Center recently reported that the divorce rate for adults over 50 years-old practically doubled over the last 25 years.