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Child Custody Archives

Prominent conservative talk show host seeks child custody

Any child custody case in Texas can be complicated and contentious if both parents are seeking custody of the child. When one or both parents is prominent in the community and is known, it is even harder to determine the facts and come to a decision. Regardless of who is involved, child custody will be decided based on the law and the circumstances of the case. This is true whether there is joint custody, sole custody or another agreement sought.

How can a child custody order change?

A parent and other parties with custody in Texas may seek modification to a child custody order when it would be in the best interest of the child. A court, which issued the original custody or possession and access order, will consider three factors when ruling on a motion for modification.

What are the types of child custody?

The end of a marriage can be complex for Dallas parents. Following divorce or separation, the parents are granted child custody through agreement or court order. Custody, also known as conservatorship in Texas, specifies a parent's legal rights and obligations. These rights include the ability to receive information from the other parent concerning the child's health, well-being and education and allows access to these records. Custody permits a parent to speak to the child's doctor and teacher and to grant consent for emergency medical and dental treatment for the child.

Planning for shared summer parenting time

Summer is fast approaching which may mean changes to children's schedules that impact child custody agreements or visitation arrangement. It may be time to plan vacations, coordinate parenting time and utilize a well-crafted parenting plan to avoid disputes. A parenting schedule that is written down or in a court custody order that addresses vacations and holiday time can help avoid conflict and disputes down the road.

What are some Texas child custody laws?

Those couples who are about to enter a divorce may discover that there are many laws that can impact how a divorce plays out. Some of these laws may be obvious, while others may prove challenging to comprehend. Child custody is among the most contentious divorce components that Texas residents may have to face. Divorcing parents may have may questions as to what laws impact child custody cases.

What the courts look at in child custody cases

Many Texas residents would likely agree that divorce can be a challenging time in a person's life. This is especially true for those couples who have children. Parents often have to deal with additional divorce issues, such as child support and child custody. These can be very complex and involve many legal nuances. These various nuances and complexities can prove to be confusing for parents.

Visitation and child custody enforcement options in Texas

When Dallas parents divorce, there are likely a number of complicated factors that make up a custody agreement. One parent will likely have primary custody of the children, while the other will have visitation rights according to a written schedule.

How are child support, child custody and visitation related?

Early last month we spent some time on our Dallas family law blog discussing a subject which arose again at the conclusion of our last post. Readers may be wondering: how does child support affect issues of child custody and visitation? Let's take a closer look this week at child custody and visitation, in particular at a few points addressed on the Texas Attorney General's website. We present this as general information only, not as specific legal advice.