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July 2016 Archives

Texas domestic violence protections

Unfortunately, marital and family disputes could escalate. This escalation could turn into domestic violence, which could result in great harm to those invovled. Texas provides some protections against situation that could seriously impact the family's lives, spousal relationships and fathers' rights.

Where to file a military divorce

The place a military couple resides presents complications and possible advantages for couples seeking a military divorce. These couples often move throughout the United States and face different laws among these jurisdictions and military laws which may be favorable or complicate divorce.

Unless you are careful in Texas, your ex-spouse may get your inheritance

The divorce process is arduous and time consuming, involving many details that never once came to your mind prior to the life-changing event. One of the biggest matters that comes up is splitting up property and who gets what. If you're a Texas citizen facing the question of whether your spouse will be included in getting a portion of an inheritance you've received, then you'll be glad to know the law is in your favor - with some caveats.

Paternity law fundamentals

Determining paternity could be a major step for both parents. This process establishes the legal identity of the child's father and his parental rights and duties under Texas law. Duties include child support for the child, providing information to the child about possible inherited medical issues and allowing access to benefits, which include social security, insurance and even veterans benefits.

How does a prenup work?

A contract to resolve property division and other issues, a prenuptial agreement is not available only to the rich or famous. A couple entering a marriage may, under Texas law, sign these agreements to address the management and control of their property, division of their property following divorce or death and spousal support.