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April 2016 Archives

What are child custody options with a military deployment?

Any Texas divorce has the potential to be complicated and difficult, but when it involves a member of the United States military, there are other factors that come into play. Service members who have child custody and are heading for active deployment will undoubtedly worry about who will be granted custody of the child while away. This is what a temporary custody order can be done.

The end of a marriage and declaring it void in Texas

While the end of a marriage in Texas is generally thought of as culminating in a divorce, there are times when it is possible to void the marriage completely. Those who meet the criteria under the law are able to have a marriage voided or will it will be done automatically. The following are justifiable reasons under state law to void a marriage: consanguinity, already being married, marriage to a minor, and marriage to a stepchild or stepparent.

Fathers in Texas should not hesitate to enforce their rights

It used to be the case that mothers in Texas were considered to be the best caretakers of their child, and in child custody cases they would often be awarded sole custody of the child. However, these days it is recognized that fathers play a pivotal role in their child's life and have every right to custody of their child as mothers have.

What are some Texas child custody laws?

Those couples who are about to enter a divorce may discover that there are many laws that can impact how a divorce plays out. Some of these laws may be obvious, while others may prove challenging to comprehend. Child custody is among the most contentious divorce components that Texas residents may have to face. Divorcing parents may have may questions as to what laws impact child custody cases.

A look at military divorce

Texas residents about to undergo divorce often have unique situations. Of course, the large divorce components play a part in many divorce cases -- that is, property division, child support, spousal support, child custody and the like. However, some divorces have unique factors that may play a large role and affect the outcome of a divorce. One type of divorce cases that brings into it unique factors is when one or both spouses are in the military.

Drew Barrymore about to undergo divorce

Texas residents who are about to enter the divorce process may have many uncertainties. They may be unsure of how the process of divorce works, or how certain legal situations typically play out. For those faced with such uncertainties, it can be helpful to look at other divorce cases to see how other couples approach divorce. What's more, a family law attorney can help clarify any questions a divorcing spouse may be faced with.

Determining income in child support

Texas parents are well aware of the difficulties that can arise in matters involving raising children. This also holds true with the components of divorce that involve children. Child custody and child support can be among the more contentious elements of divorce and parents often understandably have strong opinions regarding these matters. There are certain factors that courts will look at regarding child custody and child support.