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December 2015 Archives

Prenuptial agreements can be helpful for those entering marriage

Many individuals considering marriage may wonder if they should draft and sign a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements should be talked about and evaluated between partners considering marriage. Prenuptial agreements protect both parties entering a marriage from disputes, if they divorce and in tragic situations such as death.

The collaborative approach to the divorce process in Dallas

Towards the end of our last Dallas family law blog post on the remarkably positive co-parenting relationship golf star Tiger Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren describe themselves as sharing, we mentioned that there is a potential method available for parents who know they need to end their marriage yet want to work towards this kind of a future. It's an alternative to the conventional litigated divorce process, which can sometimes exacerbate negative emotions and intensify disputes.

Co-parenting after divorce can be a positive relationship

Facing the end of a marriage can be a frightening time. Emotions run high, and yet at the same time Dallas residents will feel that they want to protect their children from any negativity. Some may even stay in a bad marriage for the sake of their children.

Wage withholding for child support in Texas (part 2)

We'll continue our discussion this week of wage withholding for Dallas parents. Wage withholding, or garnishment, can be a highly effective tool for keeping child support payments current and avoiding the consequences associated with delinquent payments.

Wage withholding for child support in Texas (part 1)

Texas law provides that a non-custodial parent make payments to the parent with custody of their child or children as a means of support for the child. In some cases, it's sufficient that a non-custodial parent make monthly payments directly. However, the state has one mechanism upon which it relies in more than 80 percent of cases requiring child support enforcement.

Legal assistance when seeking post-divorce modification

With a Texas divorce, many couples are simply seeking to get it over with and receive a fair settlement. In some circumstances, however, the case is completed and one or both sides are unhappy with the outcome. This is when there is an attempt on the part of one, the other or both to have post-divorce modification. There can be numerous reasons for this from child support to child custody to a property and asset dispute. Regardless, it is important to have legal help when deciding to try to have an agreement modified.

What is the law for presumption of paternity in Texas?

One of the most contentious family law issues that a couple can face has to do with paternity. In Texas, there is a law that dictates the presumption of paternity if there has yet to be a paternity test to determine who the biological father is. For parents who are concerned about a child's paternity and how it is determined under the law, it is important to understand what this law says.