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November 2015 Archives

Visitation and child custody enforcement options in Texas

When Dallas parents divorce, there are likely a number of complicated factors that make up a custody agreement. One parent will likely have primary custody of the children, while the other will have visitation rights according to a written schedule.

Can a Dallas couple in a common law marriage get a divorce?

We've been looking recently at some outside-the-box family law issues. Last week, we established that Dallas residents can put the brakes on a divorce just like Hollywood couples in a high asset divorce, potentially with just a few forms to be filed at the clerk's office.

What if you have second thoughts during the divorce process?

As our Dallas readers know, the decision to end a marriage typically involves a great deal of thought, introspection, talking with friends and family, and professional advice on the financial, legal and related aspects. Yet sometimes, no matter how well-informed the decision, circumstances may arise in which one or both partners decide they want to put the brakes on the divorce process, as we saw recently in the case of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom.

Kardashian, Odom divorce "on hold" during medical treatment

Adoption and child custody, as we've been discussing in recent weeks, are two situations in which one individual is responsible for making major decisions on behalf of another (in these cases, a child or minor). However, there are other times when this kind of decision-making power is called for. When it is, it's important that there be no question as to who has the legal authority to do so.

Adoption and Permanent Managing Conservatorship in Texas (Part 2)

Permanent Managing Conservatorship is a legal term with which Dallas residents seeking to obtain custody of a child should become familiar. It is distinct from adoption -- which we discussed in our previous blog post -- in some important ways.

Adoption and Permanent Managing Conservatorship in Texas (Part 1)

We briefly mentioned in our last post the concept of conservatorship. In Texas family law, conservatorship of a child is generally synonymous with what people mean by child custody. This is obviously important in a child custody case, but let's look at another context in which conservatorship plays a role: that of an adoption.