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October 2015 Archives

What is an acknowledgement of paternity in Texas?

Families in Texas do not look like they used to in the past. In the past, families often had one mother, one father and several children. Today however, it is not unusual for families to be headed by single parents. It's also not unusual for there to be some questions about who the child's legal father is.

A safe space to work through the end of a marriage

As we discussed last week on our Dallas family law blog, Texas' 72-hour marriage license waiting period can be a valuable time to focus on issues you might otherwise take for granted during the exciting run-up to a marriage. You can sign up for our state's free eight-hour premarital counseling program; you might also want to look at prenuptial agreements.

Making the most of Texas' marriage license waiting period

Texas residents who are considering entering a marriage are fortunate in a number of ways. For one thing, the odds are just a little better here in favor of their marriage enduring for a lifetime than in other states. The national average for divorce is about 50 percent; in Texas, the average is 48 percent.