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August 2015 Archives

Understanding Texas' community property law (Part 2)

When a couple in Dallas has reached the end of a marriage and decided to go their separate ways, they will need to divide up the property and assets that they shared during their union. They may have had a prenuptial agreement which dictates how certain divorce issues related to property will be resolved. On the other hand, without a prenuptial agreement (or if they have property that is not covered), the divorce process will entail application of Texas' community property law.

Understanding Texas' community property law (Part 1)

Pop music star Gwen Stefani's recent split from grunge rocker Gavin Rossdale was notable, among other reasons, for the absence of a prenuptial agreement. Without one, the couple's assets will be subject to the laws of the state where they live. Texas is one of nine states that has similar laws on the books, called community property laws, governing property division in the event of a divorce.

No prenuptial agreement in pop music couple's high asset divorce

Sometimes, when a Dallas couple reaches the end of a marriage, it's clear who will be taking which assets as they go their separate ways. Maybe the marriage was short, or maybe there is little to divide up in the divorce process. On the other hand, some couples find that they have acquired significant property together -- perhaps over the course of a longer marriage. A high-asset divorce requires special consideration during property division.

Supporting rights of grandparents seeking to adopt grandchildren

Family law is changing in Dallas from what it used to be in past generations. Today, grandparents are more and more often seeking custody and even adoption of their grandchildren. They find this becomes a necessary step when their grandchildren's parents are unable to care for them, often due to drug addiction.

When parents struggle with addiction, grandparents seek custody

As we've discussed the subject of minor parents and family legal issues in recent weeks, let's turn our focus to the other end of the spectrum. Dallas residents may be familiar with the subject of grandparents' rights within the context of child custody and adoption. A recent public radio story highlighted the issue in some detail.

Child support assistance for Dallas parents in diverse situations

Maybe you have a child to care for, but the other parent isn't helping. You are at a loss as to what to do. Or maybe you yourself are a non-custodial parent in Dallas unable to meet your child support obligations due to a job loss, a medical condition, or other legitimate reasons; you fear the legal consequences of being found in contempt of court. As we at the Law Offices of Mary Ann Beaty have come to see on a daily basis, child support is rarely a cookie-cutter issue.