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February 2015 Archives

Prenuptial agreements good for financial, not personal, matters

A prenuptial agreement can do many things. It can help you protect assets that you don't want to be subject to property division in the event of a divorce. If you're Jennifer Aniston, for example, you may not want your streaming royalties from Friends on Netflix to be considered marital property, even if your payday won't come until after your planned nuptials.

Aniston seeks to protect assets from Friends before marriage

Before moving on from the subject of property division, we should take into account another recent story involving a high-profile couple with whom Dallas residents will almost certainly be familiar. The story highlights the fact that property division isn't necessarily a discussion that only happens in a divorce -- having the discussion when first entering a marriage can actually help prospective couples protect assets that they are concerned about and provide peace of mind.

Support for your case from a Dallas property division attorney

We wrote last week about a Dallas couple whose high-asset divorce has led to litigation over accusations of assets hidden away to avoid including them in property division. While few Dallas couples will likely have assets to consider in the multi-million and billion dollar range, the principle of community property applies across the board in Texas.

Lawsuit over property division in high asset Dallas divorce

When married Dallas couples split up, a great deal of legal and personal effort will likely be devoted to answering the seemingly simple question of who gets what. If couples do not have a prenuptial agreement or do not reach a settlement between themselves, a court will rule on property division -- but it's important for that court to have all the information available in order to make a fair decision.

How do I obtain child support in Texas? (Part 2)

So now, as a custodial parent in Dallas, you've decided to exercise your right to seek financial support from the noncustodial parent of your child. You've gathered the necessary paperwork to support your claim for child support and you've headed down to one of the local field offices of the Texas Attorney General to process your request.

How do I obtain child support in Texas? (Part 1)

Raising a child can be an incredibly challenging endeavor. Some days, Dallas parents are so overwhelmed with everything from getting the kids to school on time to getting supper on the table and making sure the bills are paid, it's hard to imagine the added burden of trying to obtain child support payments from a noncustodial parent as well. It may help, however, to review some of the Texas Attorney General's step-by-step information in response to the question: how does one go about getting child support payments?