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January 2015 Archives

Helping -- and not hurting -- your child custody case (part 2)

As we began discussing in our previous post, courts consider many factors in a child custody hearing, above and beyond the arguments made by the parents. It's important that our Dallas readers understand what a court may -- and may not -- use in formulating a judgment as to what's in the child's best interests.

Helping -- and not hurting -- your child custody case (part 1)

As we noted in our last blog post, certain words or certain actions can end up having a significant impact when viewed through the lens of a family court proceeding. Child custody hearings in particular can be sensitive and potentially difficult for Dallas residents to go through. In order to build a better understanding of what factors can help or hurt a child custody case, we'll devote a short series to the subject -- intended, of course, as general information only and not specific legal advice.

Divorce appeal hinges on ex-wife's cashing of check

There is always some risk involved when a separating couple goes before a judge to resolve their disputes. It's possible that either or both partners may walk away unsatisfied with the result. Appealing a divorce decree is possible, but can be challenging and highly dependent upon a number of details.

What happens when a domestic violence victim recants?

Domestic violence is a serious issue here in Dallas and throughout the country. Husbands and fathers who are convicted of abuse may see time in prison, mandatory anger management classes and restraining orders taken out against them. We've spent the past few entries on our blog discussing the types of protection available for victims. But it's also not uncommon for accusations reported to police to be later recanted by the accusers.

Support for Dallas residents pursuing orders of protection

Let's follow up last week's post with some more information for Dallas residents considering a protective order. There are actually different types of orders available for different scenarios, depending in part on the nature of a dispute. Family law professionals can help individuals decide which is the right option for them.

Background on protective orders for Dallas residents

Back in early December, we wrote here on our Dallas family law blog about options for married couples who agreed that they wanted to end their marriage and whose relationship was such that they could work together to resolve the family legal issues that accompany the end of a marriage. But sometimes, unfortunately, just the opposite is true -- heated disputes can stoke anger and resentment.

Are you thinking about a Texas prenuptial agreement?

Texas prenuptial agreements are typically associated with a stigma of being unromantic, but with a national divorce rate of over 50 percent, drawing up a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot is simply being practical. Having a prenuptial agreement in place prior to getting married will help protect each person's assets and preclude the necessity for long drawn out legal battles and their accompanying high costs.