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November 2014 Archives

Why would Dallas residents need a family law professional?

Our last entry here on our Dallas family law blog about some of the family legal issues accompanying the rise in second marriages, or remarriages, may have got some of our readers thinking about the many differences in family life today as opposed to generations past. Even the phrase "family law" may seem a little strange to some. Sure, you'll need an attorney if you're going to get divorced, many might think, but isn't that it?

Beyond the divorce rate: second marriages on the rise

The divorce rate is a statistic commonly thrown about during conversations here in Dallas and throughout the country. Fifty percent, or one out of every two marriages ending in divorce, can seem like a dire forecast for young couples starting out together. However, family law is a dynamic field today and some other interesting statistics may help to put the divorce rate into some perspective.

Spouse in high-asset divorce to appeal $1 billion settlement

We've written previously on our Dallas family law blog about multi-billionaire Harold Hamm's split from his wife and fellow business partner of 20 years. Hamm got in on the ground floor of the oil fields responsible for the unprecedented boom in North Dakota, which is now second in the nation in oil production only to Texas itself. The high-asset divorce gained significant attention in the media.

Protecting an inheritance with a prenuptial agreement

When Dallas couples are entering a marriage, they expect they will be sharing everything in common. So when a parent or older relative leaves something particularly valuable to one of the spouses as part of an inheritance, both spouses will typically use and enjoy it. However, should the marriage end in divorce, the partner with the inheritance may suddenly find him or herself fighting to hold on to that gift.

Visualizing child custody, visitation arrangements (part 2)

Many Dallas parents will carefully weigh the potential impact of a divorce on their children as they try to decide whether to try to stay together with their spouses or go their separate ways. It's appropriate to give this due consideration, and so we'd like to spend another entry here on our Dallas family law blog helping parents understand how child custody and visitation arrangements typically play out after the end of the marriage.

Visualizing child custody, visitation arrangements (part 1)

It's natural for us as humans to feel a sense of fear when confronting the unknown. Often, we may stay in a difficult or unpleasant -- perhaps even hostile -- situation simply because we're used to it and can't imagine anything else for ourselves. Some married couples in Dallas Country may experience this type of feeling when contemplating divorce, especially if there are children involved.