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October 2014 Archives

Man not child's father; still owes child support

Family courts here in Dallas and throughout the United States have rules they must follow. There are formulas they must apply when determining the amount of child support a noncustodial parent must pay to the parent who takes primary custody of the child or children. Yet sometimes it's possible for individuals to get stuck in a place where seemingly conflicting rules lead to incomprehensible expectations regarding child support.

Informal marriage and family legal issues in Texas (part 2)

As we discussed in our last post, Texas couples may be able to take advantage of many of our state's legal benefits extended to married couples even if they have not been through the formal marriage process. An informal marriage provides tax benefits and other protections in the event of a divorce or the death of a spouse. But challenges can arise in such an arrangement that often lead partners to consider professional legal advice.

Informal marriage and family legal issues in Texas (part 1)

Few Dallas residents would ever expect to find themselves facing a lawsuit over a marriage they didn't know they had. Yet our last blog post covered just such a situation, which came about in part due to Texas' somewhat lesser-known laws regarding common law marriage, also known in Texas as informal marriage. Informal marriage is something that can benefit residents in certain situations, although it's important to understand what it is -- and what it is not. Let's take a look first at just what common law marriage is and some background as to how it came to be.

Rapper's ex seeks divorce based on common-law marriage in Texas

Some Dallas couples can see the end of a marriage looming on the horizon. When they do, there are some basic preparations they can begin to make to protect themselves during the divorce process and possibly help speed it along. However, divorce also strikes some partners as a complete surprise. This is particularly true for one popular musician, who is claiming that she was never married in the first place.

Prenuptial agreements tailored to the needs of Dallas couples

The last post here on our Dallas family law blog discussed the interesting, perhaps unorthodox prenuptial agreement of one billionaire hedge fund manager whose wife received cash upon entering the marriage and annual payments throughout. Typically, a prenuptial agreement will protect assets by stipulating who will get what after a divorce. But a family law professional can in fact help craft a prenuptial agreement tailored to a Dallas couple's individual circumstances, and you might be surprised at the options it affords in this regard.

Billionaire hedge fund manager has unique prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are becoming more and more common here in Dallas and elsewhere across the country. Once a taboo subject, many engaged couples are finding that any awkwardness in the initial conversation is quickly replaced by a shared sense of trust that, no matter what happens to the marriage, both partners have an agreed-upon understanding of what to expect.

Considering pet custody in divorce

When our Dallas readers think of divorce, a few common themes are likely to arise. One is property division, along with question of who gets what and how much. Another is child custody, which typically will require some sort of parenting plan. However, there is another common element of divorce today that combines a bit of both property division and child custody. That is dealing with the family pet.