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September 2014 Archives

Guiding couples through a military divorce in Dallas

We recently devoted a post here on our Dallas family law blog to the subject of military retirement pay in a divorce. Just as military laws apply to this element of a separation, they also apply in a number of other situations. It's often helpful for military couples ending their marriage to seek out a family law professional with experience in this field, for reasons we'll explore below.

What happens to retired military personnel benefits in divorce?

A military divorce, on a very basic level, isn't necessarily any more or less complicated than any other civilian divorce of the kind that take place in Texas every day. But where a military divorce becomes unique is that military laws -- federal laws -- apply to certain aspects. Military benefits, for example, are one element of a service member's divorce which are governed by military laws.

Brief overview of grandparents' rights in Dallas

When Dallas residents think about relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren, they probably think of love and laughter. They think of the support and wisdom grandparents can impart that often stick with grandchildren for a lifetime. Truly, the grandparent-grandchild relationship is something special and unique.

The low cost and other benefits of a "good" divorce

We talked in our last blog post about the misperception that lingering in a bad marriage is a better decision in terms of one's financial well-being than going ahead with a divorce. This may be due in part to the stereotype of a drawn-out courtroom battle in which bitter, resentful former partners litigate down to the last detail.

Postponing divorce in order to save money? Think again

Divorce can never truly be called an easy or a pleasant time in a Dallas resident's life. People enter marriages with high hopes, and whether the marriage is still new or whether a couple has been together for decades, it can be difficult to admit when it's come to an end. Some will avoid talking or even thinking about the divorce process because of the perception that the costs involved will prove ruinous. It can be instructive, however, to approach the problem from the opposite angle and consider the financial costs of staying in a bad marriage.

Texas tops nation in child support collection and enforcement

Texas was recently named strongest in the nation for the successful collection of child support. The Texas Attorney General's Child Support Division was recently recognized as the country's best child support program. The mission of the National Child Support Enforcement Association, which extended the award, is to enhance financial, emotion and medical support of children through its work.