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August 2014 Archives

Child support modification: an option for noncustodial parents

We've spent some time on our Dallas family law blog recently discussing child support enforcement, primarily from the perspective of custodial parents seeking to collect delinquent payments. Our last blog post in particular outlined what legal steps can be taken, from wage garnishment all the way up to jail time. These are serious consequences. It is important that custodial parents have these options on the table if necessary and enlist a legal professional to ensure all strategies are explored in depth.

How can you make sure you get the child support you're owed?

So your divorce agreement went into effect and you and your former spouse began the next stages of your lives. Maybe your ex had sincere intentions to live up to his or her child support obligations; maybe not. Either way, you read last week's blog post and asked yourself, what options would I have in that situation? As a custodial parent who relies on child support but struggles with delinquent payments, what can you do?

Contempt of court for non-payment of child support

Child support is an issue that divorcing parents in Dallas will typically have to deal with at some point, whether they are on the paying or on the receiving end of it. As they do, it's important to remember that this is a court-ordered payment, and parents who fall short of their obligations may face legal consequences.

Back-to-school time can complicate custody, visitation schedules

It's hard to believe that summer in Dallas is slowly but surely winding down. Soon school will be back in session. Particularly for those more recently divorced parents still adjusting to child custody and visitation schedules, this can be a challenging time. There are, however, a number of common-sense tactics divorced parents can employ to help navigate the transition.

Child custody, property division concerns in military divorce

Dallas residents understand that divorce is never easy. Even couples who want to separate amicably sometimes find that there are underlying issues that lead to disputes once they begin to move forward with the process. But in a military divorce, there are unique laws and considerations governing issues like child custody and property division which make this a scenario where specialized legal assistance is more important than ever.

Oil tycoon divorce highlights value of prenuptial agreements

Divorce proceedings have recently begun in a case that is poised to produce one of the largest settlements in history. Rarely are such marriages and separations seen today where the couple does not have a prenuptial agreement in place, and Dallas residents may understand why after reading more about this scenario.

Talk show host refuses to pay child support for surrogate child

There are some scenarios in family law that are so stereotypical as to be taken for granted. Recently, however, a high-profile case involving some very interesting facts has turned a typical child support dispute scenario on its head.