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July 2014 Archives

Fathers' rights: what does "father" mean, legally speaking?

Unmarried Dallas County fathers may be forgiven for feeling like second-class citizens in some ways. Fathers' rights have become a somewhat controversial subject, with often heated and emotional arguments being made on either side. But it is important for fathers to understand that there are some rights that are clearly written into the law. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services explains on their Administration for Children and Families website some of these rights, as set out in both the constitution and Texas statute.

Children adjusting to divorce: recognizing the signs

Parents in Dallas who are either considering divorce or who have divorced are likely to share an overarching concern: how the split will affect their children. The good news is that children can and often do continue to thrive in their new environment, and there are some signs parents can look for to see how the children are doing. There are also some things parents can do to try to help minimize the impact on the children.

Poker winnings may be at stake in high asset divorce

The simple truth is that some couples in Dallas will have significantly high-value assets to divide should they find themselves at the end of a marriage. These can make property division a challenge. It is important to understand the community property laws here in Texas and how they will play out in the divorce process.

Summer break can pose visitation, child custody challenges

Schoolchildren in Dallas County are well into their summer vacations by now. For divorced parents with children, summer break can be a challenging time. Visitation schedules often must adapt to the children's summer activity calendars, and rolling with these changes can be hard on former spouses as well as their children.

Singer Jewel, husband of 6 years announce amicable divorce plans

Sometimes, married couples in Dallas agree that their marriage, for whatever reasons, is at an end. As they choose to go their separate ways amicably, a top priority may be ensuring each other's mutual well-being (and that of any children they share). For couples whose emotions run along these lines, there are legal options available to support their goals.

Some legal elements to consider in stepparent adoption

Dallas residents will likely recall the popular television show, The Brady Bunch. The sitcom introduced the concept of blended families into the mainstream. Today, more and more families are blending in this way, and while there are many wonderful stories of how couples make it work, there are also a number of legal issues surrounding stepparent adoption that are important to consider.

Retirement income an important consideration in gray divorce

Gray divorce -- the phenomenon of divorce among individuals 50 years or age and older -- has increased twofold in almost 25 years. Given the aging population in Dallas and across the United States, the trend is only expected to increase.